October 18, 2018
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Please be sure to log into Infinite Campus to make necessary changes to your demographic information. Please contact Mrs. Bouthillier to obtain your campus ID# that is required to set up the parent portal.  The school office also has a parent laptop for those that cannot access the internet from home.  Thank you! 

From Ms. Powers

Newsletter October 12, 2018

Dear WRS Families

Curriculum and Reporting Changes in the Hartford School District
If you attended the W.R.S. Open House and you completed the scavenger hunt, you may have seen the very large, colorful posters in our lobby and on the blue level that show changes in the H.S.D. curriculum.   I urge you to go to the W.R.S. website and click on the “Information” tab or the H.S.D. website to see these documents as well as a very good explanation of why we are moving to new curricula and reporting. You can find this information by going to this website:  http://www.hsdvt.com/curriculum2.   I encourage you to look in the left margin and find the links for grade level “performance indicators” which are the standards that students will be taught and assessed on.   When you come to the parent/teacher conferences on November 1st or 2nd, the teachers will be able to show you what the new report card will look like and briefly go over a blank report card.  You will receive the completed report card on December 7th with a document that will provide you more information about it.   

During our professional development day on Monday our teachers worked with the other elementary school teachers in the district to further review the new curricula and to identify how we will begin to assess proficiency in each curriculum area.   This work will continue throughout the year.

A Few Reminders:

Bus Loop Safety:  
Please remember to pull all the way up to the white line at the end of the sidewalk.  This allows the cars behind you to get into the bus loop and to drop off their child near the sidewalk which is safer.  Please also remember to make sure your child gets out on the passenger side closest to the sidewalk. We’ve had some scary, close calls with cars passing through the inside of the loop as children are exiting on the driver’s side.

Lack of Parking Spaces:
As you know, we lack parking spaces at W.R.S..  Our very kind neighbors at Stern’s, BFCP and the owners of the parking lot near Dancers’ Corner have contacted me to request that I ask you not to park there at the end of the day for pick-up.   The owners of the parking lot near Dancers’ Corner have informed me that they are going to start having cars towed. I’m very sorry! Please park in the municipal lot near the former Citizens’ Bank.

Milk/Lunch Charges:
Please refer to page 12 of the White River School Student Handbook” to find the H.S.D.’s policy on charging lunches. “All meals and a la carte purchases should be made in advance or at time of purchase.  In the event that a student doesn’t have money in their account or cash to purchase a meal, they are allowed to charge up to 3 meals.  Under no circumstances ar a la carte charges allowed (i.e students with a negative balance will not be able to charge snack milk.)” “...After a negative purchases have reached 3 meals charged, a student can continue to charge meals but will only have the option of a modified meal until their account is current.”

Openings in CLASP!
Happy Fall! The Creative Lives After School Program (CLASP) at White River School has several open spots across the week!  We are open until 5:30pm and offer a variety of seasonal and theme-based activities, as well as free play and a hearty healthy snack.  Our program incorporates your whole child with an integrated approach to learning. Please contact Andra at adaunhauer@creativelives.org for more information.

Upcoming Events:

Tonight!  Family Game Night from 6:30-8:00.  Bring your favorite board game….This is a “tech-free” event!  This is NOT a drop off event.

October 21:  Color Run at 11:00 at Maxfield

November 1 : Early Release-Parent Conferences

November 2 : Parent Conferences-No school for students

November 21-23:  Thanksgiving Break

December 6:  Winter Concert at 6:30 PM

December 7:  First Trimester Report Cards Go Home in an envelope via students



Best regards,


Sheila Powers