February 23, 2024

HSD Policy on Clothing in the Elementary Schools

In order to maintain an environment that minimizes distraction please note the HSD Elementary Schools clothing policy.  The policy is enforced at WRS.  Please be especially mindful of the length of shorts and safe shoes.  As you know, there are many, many stairs at WRS and therefore students need to wear shoes that protect their feet and that will stay on their feet.  While I'm a lover of flip-flops I don't allow our students to wear them at school because getting up and down the stairs is unsafe while wearing them, especially in an emergency.  Additionally, our kids cannot run and play as they should while wearing unsafe shoes.


  • Shorts and skirts should be no shorter than fingertip length; no belly shirts or revealing tops.
  • Pants should be worn so no skin or underwear is showing.
  • Clothing that displays offensive messages or language is not acceptable, nor are messages pertaining to alcohol, drugs, or tobacco products.
  • Students who wear clothing or make-up that is too revealing or inappropriate for school, as determined by school personnel will be asked to change or he/she may be sent home.
  • Hats are not to be worn inside. Students are expected to be properly/comfortably clothed. Students have recess every day except in bad weather (rain or extreme cold). Students need proper shoes for gym classes, a smock or art shirt for art, and snow pants and boots to play in the snow.
  • High heeled shoes and flip flops footwear are not allowed: shoes must be secure around the toes and ankles.

If your child is prone to toileting incidents you should send extra sets of clothing in the backpack daily.”