March 27, 2023

From Ms. Powers

We’ve had a very smooth start to the beginning of our new school year!  I want to thank all of you for your help in this.   Although this information is in our White River School Family Handbook, I want to highlight the items listed below as there are some changes from past years.  

Breakfast:  Breakfast is served from 8:00-8:30.  I’m extremely disappointed to report that as of today, students who do not qualify for free/reduced lunch will have to pay for breakfast, which costs $1.50. If your child already received free/reduced lunch, he or she will also be eligible for free breakfast.  This is due to changes at the state and federal levels.  If you want your child to eat breakfast at school, please tell her/him to line up when I ring the handbell or as soon as he or she gets off the bus.

Late arrivals and early departures:  Late arrivals and early departures disrupt learning.  Please make every effort to avoid this.  If you bring your child to school after 8:20 you must park your car in a parking space and walk your child into the office.  The official school day begins at 8:15 when the bell rings.  Your child will be marked tardy if she or he is not in the classroom by 8:25.  I am obligated to enforce the Windsor County Truancy Protocols.  Repeated tardiness may involve a meeting with the School Resource Officer and a Coordinated Services Planning meeting.  If your child is resisting coming to school or experiencing separation anxiety, please alert his/her teacher and/or me and we will work with you to improve the situation.  

Changes in end of day departure:  In our effort to provide safety for all of our students, please adhere to the following:  The parent or guardian must write a note to the teacher if the child is to take a different (not routine) way home.  Students cannot ride a different bus due to the fact that some busses are filled to capacity.  The school will not change a child’s after school transportation plans without prior approval from his or her guardian.  Approval must be given before 2:00 PM on the day of the change.  After 2:00 do not leave a voicemail stating that there is a change because the school cannot guarantee that it will be received.  Please call the office (802.295.8650) with any transportation changes; do not leave this information on a teacher’s voicemail or in an email.  Teachers are teaching and often times cannot check their email or voicemail until after school.  You may email our school secretary, Mrs. Taber before noon on the day of the change.  (

Calendar Reminders:

Labor Day Weekend:  No school on Friday, August 29th or Monday, September 1st.

WRS Open House/Hot Dog Dinner: Thursday, September 11th at 5:30PM