March 23, 2023

Hartford Police Department’s Adopt-A-School Program

We are very fortunate that HPD Chief Kasten has continued the Adopt - A - School Program in the HSD!  The program is designed to reinforce to our students that our police officers are our resources who will be available to keep us all safe!

You will notice that a police officer may be standing with Ms. Powers to greet students in the morning, or to say good-bye during dismissal. This is part of the program, as it allows the HPD officers to get to know people in our community; your children and you!  A few people have asked, “Is there a problem?” when they see an officer or a police cruiser at school. Please know that they are here to get to know all of us better. Sometimes we even have police officers and firefighters come to eat lunch with kids and to play with them at recess! Our students love it!