April 16, 2024

Character Counts! - The Six Pillars of Good Character

Character Counts! - The Six Pillars of Good Character

Trustworthiness, Responsibility, Respect, Fairness, Caring, Citizenship (TRRFCC)

On Tuesday our students participated in our monthly student assembly where I taught the students the 6 Pillars of Good Character.  We’ll focus on one pillar each month and this month we’re focusing on “Caring”.

We brainstormed ways in which we can show others that we care:  be kind, express gratitude, show we care, forgive others, help people in need.    During the assembly we partnered “big and little friends” to show our Hartford senior citizens that we care by making holiday cards for them which will be delivered when our third graders visit the Bugbee Senior Center in December and entertain our senior citizens with some holiday songs!

I’m offering this challenge/assignment for our students in the month of December (due December 21st):  Please demonstrate that you CARE about others by finding a way to let them know.  Students can come up with their own ideas, but here are a few that I’ll deliver:

●      Make a card or write a letter to a veteran who is hospitalized at the V.A. hospital

●      Make a card or write a letter to a child who is hospitalized at Dartmouth-Hitchcock Medical Center

●      Bring in coins for the Lucy McKenzie Humane Society

●      Bring in canned/packaged food for the food shelf at The Haven

●      Make a card or write a letter to a Hartford police officer or firefighter to thank them for their service

●      Write a letter or card to a friend or an adult from school letting them know that you appreciate them