February 23, 2024

Upper Valley Smiles Dental Hygiene Lessons and Clinic

Our school community is very fortunate to have the support of the Upper Valley Smiles Dental Health program through the Alice Peck Day hospital.  Earlier this week, Rebecca Courtemanche provided dental hygiene lessons for our students in pre-k through grade 5.  Our students learned the importance of dental health and learned how to brush/floss their teeth to keep them healthy.   Next week this wonderful organization will set up a dental clinic in our school and provide dental exams and teeth sealants to more than 70 of our students!  (The parents of these students all requested this and gave permission.)   If there are any students with urgent dental care needs, the UV Smiles program connects them with a dentist and gets the child in for the needed dental work in a very short period of time.    I want to thank all of the parent/grandparent volunteers who are supporting this effort!