March 27, 2023

Monitoring Students’ Academic Achievement

As we approach the mid-way point in the school year, our teachers are completing assessments as part of the Hartford School District’s comprehensive local assessment system.   Your child  may have told you that she/he had a substitute so that her/his teacher could “do testing”.  (Or as one 2nd grader told me, “We have a sub so that Mrs. Langley can take a test.”)    These assessments help our teachers monitor achievement in mathematics and in literacy.   It allows our teachers to personalize learning at the tier I level (within the classroom) and tier II (if intervention is needed through Title I).   Our students take the following assessments:

Grades K-2:  
- Fountas & Pinnell Reading Benchmark Assessment - completed 1:1 by teacher
- Primary Number Observation Assessment - measures achievement in math standards - completed 1:1 by a teacher

Grades 3-5:
- STAR Assessments:  Measures reading comprehension/fluency as well as mathematics achievement against the standards -completed digitally using a computer.   The teachers receive comprehensive reports per student that show growth progress charts as well as individual results that allow teachers to personalize instructional goals.

Recently there was an article in an online newspaper called VT Digger.  The article highlights the achievement of our WRS students’ SBAC scores (statewide test) from 2016-2017.   Due to the close work that teachers do with students daily at WRS as well as these tri-annual local assessments, the SBAC score results are never really a big surprise to us.  However, it was very nice that our dedicated, focused students were recognized for their achievement when measured against their peers within the State of Vermont.  You can find the article here.   (It is easiest to view this on a computer or tablet since this is a complex graphical display.)