June 23, 2024

Positive Achievements Acknowledged @ W.R.S.

While most of you are familiar with our School-wide Behavior Plan, many of you are not aware that many students throughout the year are referred to my office with a “Positive Office Referral” for demonstrating tremendous effort at school and progress or growth over time.  When this happens, the student and I call the parent and the student explains how she/he earned the certificate which will hang on the bulletin board by the library for about one month. I saw a rise in the number of students referred to my office for demonstrating persistence or growth over time as the year progressed.  I can tell you that assisting the children in calling a guardian/parent to share each child’s accomplishment and hearing the response of the parent called, is extremely rewarding! On a daily basis students at W.R.S. earn stickers that say, “ I was caught being___________ at W.R.S.” We removed the word “being good” and left a blank so that staff can be more specific about the good act.  Perhaps it was “being persistent” or “being caring” or “being helpful”. It is great fun to watch all of the adults ask our kids how they earned the sticker and to listen to the student describe why!