February 23, 2024

Schools closed for the remainder of this school year

March 26, 2020

Good Evening Hartford! 

By now I am sure most of you have heard that this afternoon Governor Scott ordered all schools closed for the remainder of this school year. We were all surprised by this sudden news but I know the Governor based his decision on the latest scientific data about how to combat this virus. 

Please trust that all school district employees will work to make this situation as good as possible for the children. None of us like it, we all miss the children, the relationships we have built and being witness to their growth every single day! Know that our goal is to maintain our relationships, continue to foster growth and be witness to the children’s success throughout this closure. 

In the days to come we will face many new challenges. Hopefully we will work together to overcome any issues that crop up. My wish is that in the end we will have learned together some new skills and have become a stronger community. Please stay in touch and let me know if you have any need or concern. 

Take care and stay healthy, 

Tom DeBalsi,