June 23, 2024

Updated Guidance on Social Gatherings

Updated Guidance: Social Gatherings

  • Starting March 12, 2021 Governor Scott is allowing 2 unvaccinated households to gather at a time. This means 1 unvaccinated household can get together with another unvaccinated household and people will not need to quarantine. You are not limited to gathering with just 1 trusted household. We must still follow the mask wearing and distancing rules and the state is recommending staying outside when possible.
  • Kids are now allowed to have playdates with one other household at a time while still following the mask wearing and distancing rules and staying outside when possible.
  • Please remember with this new guidance to be mindful of your safety as well as the safety of others. Do not gather if you have had a possible exposure to someone with COVID-19, if you have any symptoms or if you have traveled. You should also not gather with anyone who is at high risk of severe illness related to COVID-19.

There is also still NO change to the travel guidance.