June 23, 2024

Change to Student Day Calendar

Hello Hartford!

I am writing because I recently became aware of an issue with our school calendar for this year. At the beginning of this school year the Governor closed school until September 8, due to the pandemic. Normally, without the pandemic closure, we would have had 9 student days prior to September 8th. Our students were scheduled to begin on August 25.

The legislature then waived 5 students days for the 2020-21 school year, making 170 student days the requirement, instead of the normal 175 days. I requested a waiver in October to cover the additional 4 days the students lost. The waiver was not acted on by the Agency of Education until last week, at which time it was not accepted. 

All of this means that we will need to make up 4 student days. The teacher's union, the School Board and myself are working on how best to make up these students days. We are exploring several different options. 

I wanted you to know as soon as possible so you could plan for your summer realizing that in addition to the 2 snow days we will need to make up 4 student days cancelled at the beginning of the school year due to the Governor's COVID Closure.

I am sorry, as I am sure this is not the news you wanted to hear at this time. I will work as quickly as I can for a suitable solution to this problem. Thanks and have a good evening. 

Tom DeBalsi,