June 23, 2024

National Mix It Up Day

National Mix It Up Day is typically held in October but due to NECAP testing we delayed it until November.  Mrs. Flanagan school counselor arranged this very special activity and several staff members sat at a table to help facilitate a conversation.  During lunch time today our students got to sit with different students in order to encourage students to interact with others and to reflect on two silly questions:  

  • We’re riding in a (submarine, or on a camel) and we’re going to_______________.
  • I will bring ________________ with me.

“Just what is Mix It Up at Lunch Day?
A national campaign launched by Teaching Tolerance a decade ago, Mix It Up at Lunch Day encourages students to identify, question and cross social boundaries.
In our surveys, students have identified the cafeteria as the place where divisions are most clearly drawn.   It’s a simple act with profound implications. Studies have shown that interactions across group lines can help reduce prejudice. When students interact with those who are different from them, biases and misperceptions can fall away.”  From the Teaching Tolerance Website: http://www.tolerance.org/mix-it-up/what-is-mix