February 23, 2024

Healthy Changes in School Lunches

Our students are being served more whole grains and fruits and vegetables when they eat breakfast and lunch provided by the school.  These changes are in accordance with new regulations enacted by the Vermont     Department of Health.  In addition to these changes in foods, we will no longer serve chocolate milk daily.  Beginning Monday, December 3rd we will serve skim and 1% milk for breakfast, snack and lunch with the exception of Fridays.  On Fridays we will serve chocolate milk at lunch time only.  Our teachers do a great job of teaching students about healthy food choices.  As I told our students; we all like treats and it’s okay to eat treats once in awhile and in moderation.  I encourage you to discuss these changes with your child and to reinforce that we’re trying to make sure our students are provided healthier foods here at school.

We hope to plant fruits and vegetables in our gardens out back next spring with the goal of serving these fresh foods to our students.  We recently applied for a grant from the VT Farm to School Program.  We’re very hopeful that we’ll receive this grant money so that we can purchase locally grown fresh fruits and vegetables to serve to our students.  I’ll keep you posted!  I’d like to thank Karen Garney, Director of Nutrition and restorative Ecology from CLASP for writing this grant proposal.