March 27, 2023

Winter Weather is Upon Us….Finally!

The timing of our first big snowfall over December break was perfect!  Hopefully your family has been able to go outside and enjoy it.  It has been a great pleasure to watch the kids enjoy the snow on our playground!  I’ve included our winter recess rules.  Please review these with your child to help us enforce them.  Please also make sure your child wears or brings the following to school each day:

Boots; Snow pants; Hat and mittens (an extra pair is helpful)
Warm coat; Shoes to change into in the classroom

Winter Recess Rules:

    No boots? No snow!  
    No snow pants, with boots?  Woodchips and pavement only.
    If you get wet; you’ll stay wet (no changing clothes)
    No throwing snow!


  -  Must have all your winter gear on (coat, snow pants, hat, mittens, boots)
  -   Sit on your bottom or your knees.
  -  Slide from the blacktop down; not from two directions.
  -  Walk up the path on one side or the other.  DO NOT WALK UP THE SLEDDING HILL
  -  If you slide into someone else, you lose the privilege for the rest of the recess.