February 23, 2024

Hartford Firefighter Provides Fire Safety Training

Our students in pre-school through grade 3 had a visit from firefighter Norm Mariotti earlier this week.  This was the first of four visits for our pre-school through grade 3 students.  A firefighter will visit our 4th -5th   graders later this year.  Firefighter Mariotti taught our students about the importance of a fire exit plan as well as the importance of knowing their physical address and phone number.  It was noted that many students do not know and we urge you to be sure they know this information. Mr. Mariotti put his protective equipment on to demonstrate what firefighters look and sound like in a true fire emergency and explained that they sound different with the respirator on and that students should not be afraid.  On behalf of the staff and students, I thank the HFD for providing these fire safety lessons for our students.

I encourage all of you to check the batteries in your smoke detectors and to make sure they work.  I encourage all of you to consider getting a carbon monoxide detector if you don’t already have one.