March 27, 2023

Label Your Winter Gear Please

As I’ve shared in other newsletters I urge you to make sure your child brings all of their winter gear each day through the winter.  Obviously we’ve experienced a cold snap this past week and I’ve been very pleased to see our students dressed in layers with a hat, mittens, boots and snow pants.  Our students are expected to go outside if it’s at least 10 degrees.  As we tell the students the temperature can drop or rise significantly throughout the day and they should have their winter gear here to be ready when we go outside. 

Last week we washed the many items that were lost and found which included many hats and jackets.  None of these items had names labeled inside therefore we were unable to return them to those who lost them.  It helps us tremendously when items are labeled since there are many duplicate items and lost items each day.  Many thanks in advance for your help with this.