February 23, 2024

No one has the right to put a wrinkle on someone else’s heart…

Our k-5 students participated in an assembly today that focused on two of our five school-wide rules: “Be responsible” and “be kind”.  I shared the book Somebody Loves You, Mr. Hatch by Eileen Spinelli.  I used the book as a discussion starter on how words and actions, both positive and negative affect all of us.  Our students then broke into grade level groups and discussed things they’ve observed or heard that are unkind.  The adult made a fold in a paper heart with each of the unkind words or acts shared.  After, the discussion changed to how one can make amends when they’ve hurt      another person.  The paper heart is simply a visual reminder that even when one apologizes it helps, but it doesn’t      completely repair the damage done.  We’re hoping to emphasize that this can be avoided if we think before we speak and act.

The discussion was followed up by helping our students to understand that while we all make mistakes; the best way to resolve problems is by being responsible and telling the truth.  Telling the truth makes problems get smaller.  This is a big part of the work we do here at WRS; providing a safe environment in which students admit mistakes and figure out how to make restitution.  I use the following motto:  “Admit it, fix it and work hard not to repeat it”. 

These hearts will be displayed in classrooms as a visual reminder to think instead of saying or doing hurtful things.