June 23, 2024


At this month’s assembly we focused on students’ goals to be a more responsible learners.  As you’ll recall, each student developed a goal based on a reflection of their work here at school.  The student reviewed these goals with his or her teacher, developed an action plan for meeting the goal and shared it with you, the parents.  The students were matched up with another child (a mix of olders and youngers) and reviewed the goal and talked about how their coming along in meeting it.  

Additionally, the staff used this time to talk publicly to the whole student body about specific students’ actions that demonstrate exemplary actions or work ethic.  (We love this opportunity!)  What is really lovely to observe is how excited our students feel for one another when a child is recognized publicly.   

Finally, we celebrated with Mrs. Kate Levy, our Speech Language Pathologist who competed in the Boston Marathon and finished in 3 hours and 27 minutes!  Mrs. Levy is a dedicated runner who practiced for this 26.2 mile run everyday for 4 months.  Mrs. Levy talked to the students about being persistent, dedicated and working hard even when it was difficult. Way to go, Mrs. Levy! We’re all proud of you!