June 23, 2024

Student Assembly Held This Week!

Our first monthly assembly was held this week.   The focus of this assembly was bus and recess safety.  We had two Hartford School District bus drivers join us along with our own custodian, Mr. Stephen Parsons who is also a bus driver.  The drivers helped me review the rules for riding a bus.  (See family handbook for these rules as well as the HSD’s consequences when bus rules are violated.)  The drivers explained why we have these rules.  The bus can be very stressful for many students.  Imagine how animated your own child or children can be when they’re riding in your own vehicle.  Now consider what can happen when there are up to 70 students inside a vehicle!  It can be loud, silly and unfortunately, some students can become overstimulated while riding the bus.  It is important that you notify school staff right away if your child is expressing any concern or worry about riding the bus.  You can also notify the HSD Transportation Coordinator, Paula Woodard at (802) 295.8669.  Mrs. Woodard and I coordinate bus referrals and any consequences that may be required. 

In our assembly we also focused on how to stay safe on the playground.  We reviewed how to use the playground equipment safely.  Students had a chance to discuss successful strategies that they’ve used to promote fair play on the playground.    We want recess to be a fun, healthy outlet for students.  We also recognize that when students truly understand the expected behaviors, they will meet our expectations.  The same WRS rules apply on the bus and the playground:  be kind, be safe, be responsible, be respectful, do your best.