February 23, 2024

WRS Students Make a Kindness Chain

We hope that you’ll notice the kindness chain on display in our lobby the next time you’re at school!  A student assembly was held this week with a focus on kindness.  As you know, one of our school-wide expectations is that we will be kind to one another.  I’m proud to say that our students demonstrate acts of kindness on a daily basis! 

During the assembly our older students assisted our younger students by helping them spell words or by scribing.  Each student wrote a sentence on a strip of paper about an act of kindness that he or she witnessed or that he or she showed or did for someone else.  These were then collected by each group and made into a paper chain.  The groups all gathered in the gym and we attached all of the smaller chains to make a larger one.  The chain reached the length of the gym!  That’s a lot of individual acts of kindness!

We used these mixed groupings last month as well.  Students were grouped based on the month they were born.  It was a great pleasure to see our students interact with others that they might not have access to otherwise.  The conversations that ensued were delightful!  Our younger students really wanted to positively impress our older students and our older students were very kind and helpful to our younger students, modeling wonderful behavior!  The kindness chain will be on display after December break for a few weeks.  Keep checking our website!  We’ll have photos posted soon!